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Great Food Group of Companies (Great Food Group) and its affiliates ("Great Food
(Dehydration) Co., Ltd.", "Great Food Biochem Co., Ltd." And "Great Food Industries
(Qingdao) Co., Ltd.)" Have privacy notice related to the collection, use and disclosure of personal
information which enables the identification of such person, whether directly or indirectly
("Personal Data") through various channels, both online and offline. Your Personal Data will be
collected, used and disclosed in accordance with provisions of the privacy law and other
applicable laws and regulations. This Notice provides important information in the following areas:
1. Objectives for Personal Data Collection
Great Food Group will collect, use and disclose your Personal Data for management and
administrative purposes in order to ensure that Great Food Group is able to run the business with
you appropriately, effectively and lawfully in order to fulfil any and all obligations under
contracts, to perform selling and purchase transactions, to communicate all your requirements or
to pursue any other legitimate interests of Great Food Group.

If you have provided Personal Data of any third party to us, please ensure that such third party
has acknowledged this Privacy Policy or granted consent for processing their personal data
where applicable.
You may decide whether you will allow Great Food Group to collect your Personal Data.
However, if you decide not to provide your Personal Data, this may cause insufficient
information to enter a contract or any dealing.
Objectives of collecting, using and disclosing your Personal Data as follows:

1.1  To identify your identity;
1.2  To create customer/supplier account;
1.3  To offer products and services;
1.4  To arrange product delivery and to complete documentation for transactions;
1.5  To process payment;
1.6  To conduct surveys related to products and services;
1.7  To collect information from cookies in order to improve our websites;
1.8  To communicate issue and promote business;
1.9  To implement security measure in designated location e.g., CCTV recording.
1.10 To comply with related government law and regulations, eg. Data Protection Law, Public
        Health Law, Tax Law, Labour Law, whether regional or international;
1.11 To establish fact in case of lawful requests by public authorities or where required by court orders
1.12 To pursue Great Food Group's legitimate interests, for example to prevent fraud or report potential crimes.
2. Collected Data
The type of data collected will depend on the interaction between you and Great Food Group,
including but not limited to the following information:

2.1 Personal data such as name, surname, photo, gender, nationality, race, religion, birthday, ID
      number/ passport number, driving license, resident country, family information, medical
      treatment record, etc;
2.2 Contact information such as address, email, contact number, social media information;
2.3 Purchase history;
2.4 Payment information such as bank name, bank address, bank account, credit/debit card numbers;
2.5 Satisfaction information as provided by you;
2.6 Sensitive information provided by you such as your food allergies;
2.7 Technical information such as IP address, cookies, accessed devices, location while using the website;
2.8 Any other information you are willing to provide.

Great Food Group may have business linkage or association with third party. Such third party
may have separate policy and data disclosure which may not represent our affiliation with that
third party. Great Food Group is not in a position to endorse or control privacy policy, security
policy, cookies policy and data collection policy of the third parties.
3. Retention
Your personal information will be collected for as long as necessary to satisfy the objective
Great Food Group may acquire your consent to collect, use and disclose your Personal Data for
the following purposes, which include but are not limited to:

4.1 Collect and use your sensitive Personal Data as necessary;
4.2 Analyze your sales/purchasing record and your specification in order to forecast your
      purchasing/selling projection, in order to fulfill mutual requirement.
4.3 If you are a minor, incompetent or quasi-incompetent person, your consent must be given
     by your parent or guardian.
4.4 In case of sending or transferring your Personal Data to another country, please note
     different personal data protection standards in each country.

If it is necessary for compliance with the applicable laws, Great Food Group may process your
personal data without your consent. In this regard, Great Food Group will strictly comply with
the relevant laws regarding your personal data protection.
5. Disclosure of Personal Data
Great Food Group may be required to disclose your Personal Data internally and/or to affiliates,
and/or to a third party, both within Thailand and/or in other countries, who have appropriate
personal data protection standards. In this regard, Great Food Group will provide appropriate
contract to protect your Personal Data.

Types of third parties that may receive your information e.g.;

5.1 Contractual parties who provide Great Food Group’s services such as:
   5.1.1 Freight forwarder
   5.1.2 Shipping agent
   5.1.3 Other agencies who operate or have an agreement with Great Food Group
5.2 Trade partners
5.3 Certified authorities which Great Food Group has requested to be certified for its own
      benefit including other auditing agencies
5.4 Any third party who has legitimate rights to access your Personal Data
6. Accessing website
Great Food Group is obliged under Thai law to retain your computer traffic data, for at least 90 days
from the date you entered Great Food Group website. However, Great Food Group will not use such data
to analyze consumption behavior or conduct market research without your explicit consent.
7. Cookies
Great Food Group uses Cookies to learn more about how you interact with the content on our website
in order to give you more satisfaction when using our website. Great Food Group will not use Cookies,
to collect personal information. If you do not want to accept Cookies you may choose to decline Cookies or
block Cookies sent by Great Food Group.
8. Your Rights
You have the following rights:

8.1 To withdraw consent for the collection, use or disclose Personal Data;
8.2 To request access to, obtain a copy of your Personal Data;
8.3 To request the disclosure of the acquisition of your Personal Data obtained without consent;
8.4 To object to the collection, use or disclosure of the Personal Data;
8.5 To request to erase or destroy Personal Data, or make the Personal Data anonymous;
8.6 To request to restrict the use of Personal Data;
8.7 To request to update, complete and not misleading of Personal Data collected.

In case of exercising your rights, please send email or written request to Great Food Group with
attachment of copy of your ID and state clearly your request. Great Food Group will process
your request in accordance with and to the extent permitted, by applicable laws.

Please note that Great Food Group shall retain our rights under the laws to reject your request in
certain circumstances. If Great Food Group decides to reject your request, you will be notified of
the reason for such rejection. Great Food Group will try our best, also with considering technical
capabilities, to answer your request on how we process your Personal Data. However, if you
have unresolved concerns, you can complain to Great Food Group or proceed further to the Data
Protection Authorities.
9. Protection of Personal Data
Great Food Group is committed to protect your Personal Data under our security standards.
We will provide appropriate safeguards to ensure that Personal Data will be legally and appropriately collected,
used or disclosed.
10. Changes to Privacy Notice
Great Food Group reserves the right to make changes to this Notice to be appropriate and in accordance
with any laws. Please frequently check to see any updates or changes to Great Food Group Privacy Notice.
11. Contact
If you have any issue regarding your Personal Data, please send an email

to: governance@greatfoodgroup.com or written request to us at

Great Food Group

1168/64 CDEF Lumpini Tower 22nd floor

Rama 4 Road, Thunghamamek, Sathorn, Bangkok 10120.

However, Great Food Group may ask for additional relevant documents or may reject your
request if Great Food Group has received insufficient information.
© Copyright Great Food Group of Companies.