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GREAT FOOD (GF) is a manufacturer and distributor of dehydrated fruits and Enzyme (Bromelain). There are three companies under Great Food Group of Companies
1. Great Food (Dehydration) Co., Ltd.
2. Great Food (Biochem) Co., Ltd.
3. Great Food Industries (Qingdao) Co., Ltd.

MESSAGE FROM FOUNDER Over two decades, Great Food has maintained a policy of continuous improvement in its operations, by progressively introducing sophisticated technology and state of the line machinery into its production lines. The company also places a strong emphasis on the selection of fresh and fine raw materials,
so as to result in highest quality dehydrated and rehydratable products. In the pursuit of excellence, Great Food established a Research and Development division to broaden the company's product range and to further improve the quality of its products. Today, Great Food plays a leading role in the country's agricultural industry and is one of the world's largest producers of dehydrated fruits.

PHILOSOPHY  We continue to uphold a unique corporate culture, blending a western management system with oriental philosophy and a progressive spirit. This cultural mix is reflected in the employment of modern technology, business expansion, and responsibility for company employees.

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